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Friend’s Vacuum Sales & Service is a trusted provider of the new and used vacuum, and we’ve been keeping the citizens of Tampa, FL satisfied in that regard for five decades and counting! A new vacuum from Friend’s Vacuum Sales & Service is guaranteed to be in line with the latest and hottest trends on the market. We stay one step ahead of the vacuum industry, and our product is always modern and efficient as a result.

If you are of the mind to purchase a brand new vacuum, you might as well purchase the best available vacuum on the market, and with us, you won’t be forced to empty your wallet in order to do so. We sell new, modern vacuums for great prices, because we know by doing so, we are keeping our customers happy.

Our team of technicians inspects all new vacuum brands that come through our shop, ensuring that every product we send into your home is fully functional and not merely a product of market hype. Once a new vacuum has passed the Friend’s Vacuum Sales &Service test, it is officially ready for use.

Our used vacuum inventory is massive, and we keep each of our used vacuums in tip-top condition, so that when you purchase a used product from us, it is as good as new. We update many of our older models to fit newer trends, and therefore several of our used vacuums are actually hybrid vacuums that you won’t find anywhere else. If there were such thing as a vacuum aficionado (besides us!), he or she would not think about shopping anywhere else but at Friend’s Vacuum Sales & Service.

For the best in new or used vacuums, the answer is Friend’s Vacuum Sales & Service. Touch base with us today and move one step closer to your next affordable purchase!

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